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Yrn.me was built by Ahmad Mukoshy.
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I look forward to developing the service even better in time.

Yrn.me is a URL-Shortning service owned by built in Feb. 2010 to serve Yarnable and the general public. This service is not a profit aimed project, thus I will not in any way monetise your links.

The 5-lettered domain name is better spoken as “Yarn Me” (Nigerian slang word for “tell me”) can shorten up to 2,000 characters length of web addresses to merely 20 characters just like major brands like bit.ly.

The service also comes with a free API which allows web developers to remotely shorten long web address easily and efficiently without hassles. Once a URL is submitted via the API, a HTTP response page returns containing the new URL or simply the error message. For more information see our developers page.

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Brands Using Yrn.me API!

Mabzy.Com - URL Check-in site just like Foursquare for the web, built by one of the Teens-in-Tech developers in US.

Geofeed.Me - Africa location aggregator and place finder, built by a Cameeroonian Web Developer.

Yarnable.Com - A micro-discussion social site I launched few months after Yrn.me!