:: ShrinkLet ::

The new YRN.Me "ShrinkLet" button is a typical bookmark button that will allow you to shorten any web site you are actively viewing. So simple, all you have to do is drag the ShrinkLet button bellow to your browser.

When ever you have a site to share, just click on it.

If you are signed in to yrn.me, any link you shorten via the ShrinkLet will automatically be added to your account as well. This way, you may never miss on your link statistics. ;)


Drag any of the two shrinklets to your browser bookmarks, enjoy shortening your sites remotely.

1) Shrink This

Shrink This

The Shrink this button will make short any web site you are viewing on your browser and provide you with the short-link on display in seconds. You can copy and share it anywhere on the web, making your links neat and catchy ;)

2) Tweet This

Tweet This
The Tweet this button is mainly used to short links that you intend to use on twitter, the button will shrink any page on your screen and automatically take it to twitter for you to tweet. Taking away the hassles of copying and pasting just to tweet ;)